Cops pin down on Army sergeant, et al on carnapping

Dec. 12, 2014

By Bal Kenneth Aballe and Maolen Oledan-Estomagulang, Davao Today Interns

DAVAO CITY – Police here is preparing carnapping charges against an Army sergeant and his companions, including alleged government top crime investigators, after a Pakistani national complained of losing two cars to the carnappers.

The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) filed carnapping charges against a certain Sergeant Jovy Ante, a member of the Army’s Civil Relations Group here, after he was identified in the closed circuit television camera as among the men who took the cars of Pakistani national, Muhammad Anwar, from an automotive shop in Bago Aplaya, a southern village outside downtown.

Three of Ante’s alleged companions have been arrested Tuesday. Police identified them as Lindsey Jay Villarin Valdez, 35, Romulo Estrada Patente, 42, and Randy Pogoy Pasco, 36.

Anwar complained to the DCPO that his two cars, a Honda Fit and a Toyota BB unit went missing from the shop of a Thong Dalgan Calipa in Bago Aplaya.

In a police blotter, investigators said that the cars were allegedly pulled out by two men who introduced themselves as members of the Nation Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

Talomo Police Station Commander, Chief Inspector Alfredo T. Santillana directed his investigators to arrest some of the suspects who were seen at the CCTV footage as those who took the cars from the shop.

Ante was also identified in the CCTV footage, along with the other suspects still at large, who were also identifed as a certain Toto Balboa and Joel Ferelino. Balboa and Ferelino were those pointed as the men who claimed to be NBI and CIDG agents.

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