Killing of Moro children, women in Lanao Sur condemned

Apr. 26, 2015

TAGUM CITY — A Moro group condemned the killing of children and women including several civilians at a Moro community in Sitio Mangampong in Barangay Park Area, Wao town in Lanao del Sur.

The strafing incident happened past 5 a.m at Sitio Mangampong where it claimed the lives of four civilians and wounded nine others.

Fatalities of the Sunday’s brutal killing were identified as Almira Sumayan, Master Pendatun, Anifa Manabilang and 10-year old child.

Two pregnant women injured in the incident were identified as  Sumarina Sumayan, Mylene Ambato and seriously wounded were Jamil Manduc, Orac Mangotara, Amron Balindong, Faisal Sumayan, Abdie Mangotara including two minor children.

Over the weekend, Drieza Al-Moro, secretary-general of Bangsamoro National Movement for Peace and Development, on Sunday told DavaoToday that “such killing is condemnable.”

“We strongly condemn the killings of innocent civilians especially the pregnant women and children. We also would like to appeal to the government authorities to ensure the safety of Muslims in Wao Lanao del Sur after these killings,” said Al-Moro.

All wounded civilians were rushed at the hospital in Bukidnon.

Investigating authorities on Sunday said the massacre incident was a retaliatory act for the death of a child reportedly molested last April 23.

SPO4 Avelino Vidal, Wao executive senior police officer, as quoted in a news report said that the girl was allegedly raped and killed by an unidentified Maranao in a remote area of Sitio Mangampong in Barangay Park Area.

Al-Moro, however, appealed that the said incident should not do a “harsh generalization” to the Muslims for a crime committed by a few.

“We also would like to appeal to the Christian majority in this country not to generalize Muslims for the crime or wrongdoings of few Muslims,” said Al-Moro.

“Hatred will not solve the conflict,” Almoro said. (

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