In Pantukan, Soldiers Threaten Residents from Voting for Leftist Partylist Groups

May. 14, 2007

Davao Today managing editor Cheryll D. Fiel, who is in Compostela Valley covering the elections along with foreign observers, reports that soldiers in Pantukan town have put up camps in and around barangay halls and have been dissuading residents from voting for five leftist partylist groups. She reports that, according to initial data gathered by the international observers mission, the military has been campaigning against the group in seven out of the 13 barangays in that town alone and that this has been going on for more than month now. “They conduct house-to house-surveys, and threatening residents from supporting the five partylists groups,” Fiel reports. The military has also set up roadblocks or checkpoints as well as imposing a curfew.

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