Disaster preparedness manual launched

Mar. 12, 2015

DAVAO CITY – The Department of Interior and Local Government Region XI  has  launched  Thursday the  DILG’s Disaster Preparedness Manual and Operation “Listo”  at the Grand Regal Hotel, Lanang here.
Under  Operation “Listo” is a checklist of early preparations  for the LGUs   for the chief executives to be  able to  make  the necessary responses –  from the time a  typhoon poses a looming threat up to the time that it  arrives  in  the locality.

Local Government Academy Executive Director Marivel Sancendoncillo and DILG Regional Director Wilhelm Suyko led the orientation on the disaster preparedness manual and the drafting of city/provincial action plan.

Sacendoncillo said  that the “disaster preparedness manual and Operation “Listo” will assist LGUs in formulating plans, allowing them to know if they are ready, and what they need to do to meet the minimum levels of readiness.”

Suyko said that LGUs are mandated under R.A. 10121 to ensure safety and resiliency of communities to face the challenges of disasters.

The operation manual contains three critical preparedness actions: Alpha (Yellow), Bravo  (Orange), and Charlie (Red). Alpha actions will be done by LGUs inside the cone but are farthest from the direct typhoon track. Bravo presumes Alpha actions have been done coupled with additional acts that are essential for LGUs near the vicinity of the direct typhoon path. While Charlie, assumes that Alpha and Bravo actions have already been done and additional actions must be undertaken to address the severe threat of the typhoon by those in its direct path.

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