DAVAO CITY — Bantay Dagat operatives and members of the City Enviroment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) in Tagum City rescued a stranded female spinner dolphin last week.

The dolphin measured 130 centimeters long. The City Information Office said the dolphin was stranded due to a low tide and was found weak. No wounds were found.

The dolphin is currently in the joint care of the City Veterinary’s Office and the City Environment and Natural Resources Office and is placed in one of the tanks at the Liboganon Multi-Species Hatchery for treatment and recovery.

City Veterinarian, Dr. Jesus Eduliantes said that the dolphin had to be orally administered with potable water to rehydrate it since a considerable amount of time had already lapsed between its last meal and stranding.

The dolphin also had to be attached to a make-shift floater to keep it from keeling over on its side and drown in the process.

Eduliantes said the city government will release the rescued spinner dolphin once it has fully recovered.

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