Govt is No. 1 human trafficker – group

Apr. 29, 2015

DAVAO CITY – Overseas Filipino worker Mary Jane Veloso’s temporary delay of execution has not stopped protests actions from activists here.

On Wednesday, militant activists protested in front of the Philippine Overseas Employees Agency (POEA) condemning its “lack of action” over the case of Veloso.

Bayan regional spokesperson Sheena Duazo said the campaign to stop the execution of Veloso done by mass organizations and support groups is a success. Duazo, however, said the government “provided aid only in the last weeks before Veloso’s sentence is carried out.”

Duazo said that Mary Jane’s case is a wake-up call for the government particularly its concerned agencies like POEA, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and Department of Labor and Employment “as there are 7,000 OFWs currently imprisoned in different jails worldwide.”

Migrante International cited also that there 123 more Filipinos on death row, mostly are from Saudi Arabia and China.

Bayan also criticized government’s lack of reliable inventory of all Filipino migrant workers abroad making it more harder for the government to monitor the situations of Filipinos overseas.

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