Indonesian court slammed for rejecting 2nd plea for Mary Jane

Apr. 28, 2015

DAVAO CITY – Militant lawmakers regretted the Sleman District Court’s decision to reject the second case review request on Monday that would have stayed the execution order of the overseas Filipino worker Mary Jane Veloso.

“Justice is not only based on the technicality of the law, but it should focus more on the correcting of injustice in the society that pushes innocent mothers and children like Mary Jane and allows criminal to go scot free,” said Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Emmi De Jesus in a statement on Tuesday.

De Jesus said she regretted the court’s intransigence given that the merits of the appeal’s substance is very strong yet the court refused to even read the evidence. “The Indonesian court who handled the case of Mary Jane not only failed to render justice, but created new victims from Mary Jane’s two young children who will bear the scars of a ruined family and dreams broken by desperation.”

Members of Gabriela also pinned the blame on President Benigno Aquino’s “inhumane labor export policy that send 6,000 OFWs daily to traffickers, war zones, and brutal anti-immigrant police raids.”

Protesters will again troop to Indonesian Embassy today from 6:00 pm onwards to rally last minute support for Veloso in dire hopes that the execution  will be called off due to global pressure.

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