Jail warden face complaints

Jan. 30, 2015

A jail warden in Camp Bagong Diwa is facing complaints from political prisoners following his statement that the restriction in the prison camp is caused by the hunger strike staged by the prisoners during the Papal visit.

Male political prisoners of Special Intensive Care Area 1 – Metro Manila District Jail in Camp Bagong Diwa filed on January 27 a Joint Manifestation at the Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 266 and Branch 271 to require S/Supt. Michelle Ng Bonto to explain violations of the rights due to prisoner. Bonto is the current warden of the Special Intensive Care Area-1 (SICA-1) at Camp Bagong Diwa.

According to the Manifestation the right to daily exercise and sunning privilege were cancelled and suspended for all detainees.

No jail visitor was also allowed entry in SICA-1 on January 14 and the political prisoners were blamed earning the ire of other detainees especially gang members.

The jail warden was also reported for “instigating the Sputnik gang in threatening the lives and security of the political prisoners and inciting division among all the detainees by unjustly blaming the political prisoners’ fasting/hunger strike as the root of the sudden unfair restrictions on their rights,” the manifestation said.

“By blaming the political prisoners for the suspension of the right of the detainees to visits and thereby provoking violent division among all the detainees of SICA-1, Warden Bonto is putting the life and security of the political prisoners in danger,” it said.

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