Teachers call for salary increase on 2016 budget

Feb. 20, 2015

Teachers renewed their demand to include salary increase in the 2016 national budget as they trooped to the central office of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Friday.

Leaders and members of Alliance of Concerned Teachers in the National Capital Region and the Manila Public School Teachers Association (MPSTA) joined the protest.

“The last increase in our salary was in 2012 and based on the provisions of Salary Standardization Law III, a periodic review every year of our salary level every three years to make it responsive to our needs. This provision mandates the government to adjust our salary for 2016,” said Benjie Valbuena, ACT-NCR Union president.

Salary Standardization Law (SSL) is the scheme where the monthly pay of all government employees is enumerated based on their salary grades. Entry Level pay for teachers is P18,549 and 9,000 as minimum pay for non-teaching personnel.

Teachers said their monthly salaries are not sufficient for their daily needs.

“The value of our monthly pay has eroded too much over the past three years and is furthered by the skyrocketing increases in the prices of basic services and commodities. This situation deprived us to give our family a decent and just living which runs contrary to the Magna Carta of Public School Teachers,” Valbuena said.

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