A President Unworthy of the People’s Trust

May. 01, 2015

The reality of  Philippine socio-political affairs is very pathetic.  We have a chief of state who is not a leader of the entire people, but only of the dominant economic elite in society.  He is a scion of a big landlord family of the country, a social class with giant economic interests.  As such he does not only represent the big landlord class, he dutifully wields the power of the Presidency for the perpetuation and furtherance of their class interests

But it also happens that the members of the landlord class do not only own vast landholdings, they also engage in big-time business.  It is a happenstance as easy and natural as the union of hydrogen and oxygen in water for them to have intertwined economic ventures as landlords and as comprador capitalists.  And so they constitute the very powerful big landlord-comprador classes in the country.  And very naturally, too, they are a close ally with foreign monopoly capitalists, chief among them, the US imperialists.

The government of the Republic of the Philippines is the government of the abovementioned classes.  The bombastic proclamation that says ours is “a government of  the people, by the people  and for the people” is a chronic awesome lie—a hollow phrase  concocted  by the gods of  the ruling classes to be the very cornerstone of deceit.

It goes without saying that President Noynoy Aquino,  as guardian of the economic conglomerations of the aforementioned classes,  must faithfully abide by the whimsies of these classes which are invariably in opposition to the aspirations and well-being of the great majority of the citizenry.  All the laws of the republic have been tailored after their whimsies and enforced in the service of the ruling classes.

It is no surprise that President Noynoy has no empathy at all for the plight of the poor masses of the people.  His heart is not in tune with the sensibility of the ordinary Filipino.  He is a fake Filipino human, no better than a scarecrow.  He does not sit as a leader of the great masses of the people whom he has successfully deceived and fooled through an electoral process that perfectly suits the aims and goals of the elite.  He sits there at the helm of government in order to proclaim the triumph of  hypocrisy and to glorify deception in domestic political affairs.  He  rules as a central character of a farcical show of bogus democracy.

And so, his role as chief executive is bereft of  any sympathetic feeling for whatever befalls to anybody from the grassroots. Of course, all his subordinates in the various departments and agencies in government join him in the ridiculous choral presentation of hypocrisy and deception.  In spite of the unmasking of his ”matuwid na daan”, his bagpipes do not get tired in singing alleluia to his pretensions.

The case of Mary Jane Veloso has demonstrated  how Noynoy has made a mockery of  his bungling leadership.  And he has the gall to claim credit for the reprieve of Mary Jane’s execution.  This is the latest of show of his insensitivity and disregard for the feelings of the poor people who have hitherto been victims of  injustice and criminality.   Not so long ago,  the murder of Jennifer Laude by an American soldier failed to  touch a sympathetic chord in his landlord sensibility.  Then, the Mamasapano Tragedy  resulting in the  Fallen 44  proved to be a rare misplaced concern for the profiteering prospects of a foreign corporation  instead of a true leader’s communion with the victims of his own folly.

And now this awkwardly scripted pretensions of concern for a Filipina about to be executed in a foreign land.  And to top it all, his unbecoming act of grabbing credit for what countless  Filipinos here and abroad have exercised unconditional care and concern by endless vigils and protest actions , and  storming heaven with their prayers.  What a despicable show of impropriety  of a head of state!  At its most unsolicited moment,  his was a childish act of selfishness!

Instead, wouldn’t  he  have shown magnanimity like a true leader and  generously expressed gratitude  for all the precious efforts and concerns and prayers by the people here and abroad!?   Again, he has manifested his true character as a landed gentry who is incapable  of feeling sincere concern for the people he is supposed to lead and unite by words of unselfish open-heartedness.

As it is, we have a President who has proven  himself to be honestly at odds with his constituents.  We have witnessed the lack  of genuine concern under his watch of  this government for the  advancement of the  welfare of the people.  And so, the people have no other recourse but to rely on their own human  strengths  and resources to confront and endure the trials and tribulations of life .  Under this present  set-up of social injustice,  deceit and criminal impunity maintained  by a  government of the elite, by the elite and for the elite,  no hope for emancipation  from the  bondage of poverty will ever come.

With the people’s suffering ever worsening, it is about time that the incumbent President who has failed as a true leader should now resign from his post.  He is a President unworthy of the people’s trust.

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