It is utterly preposterous for General Catapang of the AFP to proclaim that he is going to end the all-out armed offensives purportedly aimed to suppress the Moro rebels in their terroristic activities against communities in Maguindanao.   Indeed, a very tricky and deceitful statement!

As it is, who are sowing terror and  causing disastrous dislocations among the residents right now in Maguindanao?  Is it the Moro rebels?   No. The Moro rebels would never so much as flick a finger  or  blow a speck of dust against  the communities of the Bangsamoro people.  As a matter of fact, it was all peaceful in these places before the SAF troops entered surreptitiously — no, traitorously!— into  Mamasapano.

And in the aftermath of that ‘virtual invasion’, we  witness the terrible and lamentable  consequences  — massive dislocations  of the Bangsamoro communities directly affected and divisive recriminations and mutual hateful reproofs among different individuals and groups and sectors in the entire nation.  But not satisfied with having caused chaos in the Bangsamoro places, the joint AFP and PNP troops had also to wage what their commander Gen. Gregorio Catapang  called  “all-out-offensives” against Moro terrorists.  His uncanny use of the  term was a deliberate way of deflecting from the usual “all-out-war” phrase cavalierly lip synched  by all other war freaks  in  previous administrations, including Noynoy’s Mama Cory.

But the big questions are:  What has our peace-loving President  done to stop the all-out-war going on in Bangsamoro land?  If he so vociferously laments the scourges of war and longs for the  seeding of peace in Mindanao, how is it that he  has not moved a finger to stop this internecine firefights in Maguindanao?  If he so extravagantly enjoined everyone to proceed with the peace process without delay, why hasn’t  he extended the extraordinary sway of his executive power as commander-in-chief to order an omnibus halt to the military offensives?  Does the sight of  the devastated Moro farmlands,  burned down dwellings,  and houses of worship  failed to send impulses of mercy and compassion to his peace-loving heart?  Has he been sporting a  grossly insensitive and callous people’s suffering, he is inure to cries of succor and deliverance from their intolerable conditions of squalor and deprivations in the evacuation centers?

We reasonably doubt the real motives of our dear President!  Maybe,  he has secretly instructed General Catapang to create a condition of  chaos and desperation in Mindanao in order that the dislocations will in time be transformed into displacements?  Or voluntary abandonment of these areas by the Moro population?  Maybe, he has been asked by his US imperialist masters to  creatively de-populate  the mineral-rich Liguasan Marsh territories?  So that in such  an eventuality, it would be in open readiness for American business interest groups  to come in?

Far fetched?   Whatever, neither the US imperialists nor Noynoy will ever succeed.  The Bangsamoro people across the centuries have never been completely subdued by various invaders and conquerors. They have stood and fought and acquitted themselves admirably well.  They are not that  foolhardy a people  to vacate their homeland  in the midst of the uncertainties of the present situation created by President Noynoy’s government.   They cannot be tricked to an eventuality that would  be tantamount to delivering their beloved homeland — their  rich ancestral lands entrusted to them by Allah —  to the profit-starved capitalists.  They are fully aware of the  game plan of the US  and Noynoy’s own involvement in the so-called ”war on terror” spread like a gospel of salvation by the United States  government across the globe.   They fully understand that the  Mamasapano Incident and the  subsequent all-out-war  could be the gambit that provides the pieces that would fit  in the puzzle-map of the game plan.

But there is an interesting sidelight  to this meta-narrative  that could be an enticing décor to the  cooked-up menu  which would benefit the egotistic bent of President Noynoy..  After all,  Noynoy  is not unfamiliar to videogames designed to feed  puerile thrills and fanciful adventures.  Or could it be that what transpires now in Maguindanao is part of  a momentum  of rising action  in a narrative that would  lead to a desired climactic point?

Which  from the  beginning was already there in a the ego spot of President Noynoy’s personal agenda as a prime motive — the Nobel Peace Prize?

All of these eventualities could verily constitute the inclusive components of  a  game plan.   And if to the remotest chance of one’s imagination you succeed,  Mr. President—well, no congratulations!   You have  on your hands the blood of the people  you have tortured, maimed and killed  with impunity in the name of “peace and development”.  You cannot  escape  the people’s  ire:  you are a criminal agent of the US Imperialists!.  And you will fall under the pain of history’s verdict.

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