‘Abusive’ South Koreans rile Davao councilors

Jun. 22, 2007

Davao City councilors Bonifacio Militar and Susabel Reta said they have received complaints of South Korean businessmen not paying their Filipino employees properly. Some South Koreans in the city, Militar said, are also behaving arrogantly. The two councilors promised to draft resolutions that would investigate the business practices here of the foreigners.

By Cheryll D. Fiel
Davao Today

DAVAO CITY — Councilor Bonifacio Militar has sought an investigation of some Koreans doing business in Davao City whom he criticized this week for allegedly abusing the country’s laws.

In a speech at the City Council this week, Militar cited complaints he said his office had received about Korean businessmen not paying their Filipino employees the required minimum wage.

Aside from this violation, Militar also said some of these businessmen have put up tourist establishments without consulting with local tour operators. Several, he added, do not even have the required visas to do business in the country.

The councilor said he would also look into the nature of ownership of some of their businesses in the city in light of the law that foreign nationals or companies are allowed only limited ownership of businesses and investments in the country.

South Koreans are now the top tourists to the Philippines. They are all over the Philippines and have established residences in many cities like Davao, taking advantage of the low cost of living. Many Korean businessmen in the city are into all sorts of business — restaurants, tour agencies, bars, real estate to language teaching schools. “We welcome them but they must respect our existing laws,” Militar said.

Earlier in his speech, Militar mentioned his dislike with the way some Korean businessmen behave. One case he noted was a Korean-built golf course where, he said, the Koreans managing the facility were “arrogant.”

Militar said he would soon introduce a resolution that would look into these cases. He also said he would ask the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to investigate the complaints that the councilor had received.

Militar’s sentiment was shared by Councilor Susabel Reta, who said she would also draft an ordinance protecting local tour operators. “No Filipinos could even put up a business in Korea but here in Davao City, they just swarm here,” Reta said. (Cheryll D. Fiel/davaotoday.com)

  • Miss Davao

    If arrogance is part of the Korean culture let’s not forget that corruption and under the table are our trademarks as Filipinos. It takes two to tango right? I am a Filipino working for Korean nationals and so i hope i won’t be misunderstood that i’m on the side of these foreigners.
    We are responsible in protecting our own land, government and people. So i hope instead of these Filipino officials coming to our offices and asking for personal favors they should start taking this issue seriously. If not, maybe after five years our local residents will have a hard time putting up their own businesses because of the presence of these illegal alien investors. Wag tayong ningas kugon! That after we talk about this issue in public as if fighting for the rights of our fellowmen we just shut up after receiving a so called “gratuitous gift”.

  • common tao

    Yes Koreans are arrogant mongoloids! They go around our schools, malls, restaurants and shops, looking down on filipinos like we are the lowest kind, spitting on our hospitalitity like they own this country. no amount of filipino character flaws can justify their behavior. When we go to other countries we suffer the same discrimination and abuse its unacceptable! even more unacceptable that we are maltreated in our own lands. Pinoy protektahan mo sarili mo, baka magising ka na lang wala ka ng tirahan.

  • Dante

    Davao City is not the place for this bad and arrogant Koreans, if they behave like this kind of attitude or behavior toward Dabawenyos then i think it’s better that Mayor Duterte and Davao city Council will do something about to stop this bad habit of the foreigners and to protect the rights of the ordinary Dabawenyos. Davao City is a place for the people who will love and respect the place and its people. Mabuhay ang Davao City.

  • Miss Davao

    Self-analysis and Self-reflection! I believe are the things we should do first instead of blaming other people why we are being treated badly. I want to clarify that I’m not trying to justify Korean behavior.
    Words without action are the assassins of idealism. A lot of people are mad, many politicians are aware of the problem, many Dabawenyos are being maltreated as you say, so why don’t they do something about it.
    I read the newspaper and watch news report everyday, and if there are people who experienced unacceptable maltreatment eh di bakit walang ngrereklamo. File a case so that these Koreans will be deported.
    We tried asking for the help of local officials, but i don’t know what happened, or if there’s still something that’s going to happen is the question.
    If we openly talk about this issue, it will not be a battle between us Filipinos and Korean Nationals, but a battle against Philippine Government (Malacanang).
    I need not expose why I am saying this. I just hope I made my self clear. Honestly, with what’s transpiring in front of me everyday i can say that I’ve lost hope.
    So dear, all i can say to you is, it’s more than what you think it is. Let’s just hope for the best, but prepare ourselves for the worst thing that could happen!

  • Ms. OFW

    I agree with Miss Davao. Grumbling about the issue won’t accomplish anything. If the Koreans don’t pay or treat their employees fairly, then a formal complaint should be filed with the Department of Labor (and I hope they won’t be swayed by payoffs). First step is to check that 1.) their visas are in order, 2.) they are doing business legally with all necessary permits and ownership requirements.

    Furthermore, I suggest that they all be required to undergo a cultural sensitivity seminar if they are to establish residence in the Philippines. What may be acceptable in their culture is obviously not acceptable in ours. They have to understand that they are guests in our country and should behave as such.

  • Leizyl

    I’m a davaoenha too and it hurts and sad to see this kind of attitude.I have seen Davao’s improvement under My.Duterte’s leadership, Davao is safe to live!!I do believe that he will not tolerate this kind of attitude.
    To all the foreigners,filipinos may be poor but we are hospitable,kind and respectful people.We need RESPECT!!!

  • Yam

    I would like to comment what I have commented on the other website:

    We all have our biases. But I can say that I have a bad feedback for some of the Koreans who stay here in the Philippines. I am unfortunate to be under a bad employer who power trips on his employer. He must be laughing at us now on how he manipulates us because we wont even do anything but obey him. This is something personal really. I just want to voice out for most of those who have felt violated for “some” of these people.

    And no. PLEASE. For some of you who reads this: Do not spam me for some you-are-racist crap comment. You have no inkling of what is happening here in Baguio.

    READ THIS: WE DON’T EVEN GET PAID FOR OT, NO HOLIDAY PAY, NO BIR Remittances, NO SSS, NO PHILHEALTH and well, our effing boss treats us like s**t!

    We actually called DOLE to have a routine-check up on the place. But their waiting for someone in our office to file a complaint. Well that would be me.

    I can no longer take the crap that their doing.

    I just hope that our government would just shut up on some issue their handling right now and focus on what is really happening. We all look so stupid to the other races and the bad thing is, local agencies get paid to shut up and approve their visas. Unless we REVAMP the damn system though.

    I just hope that we don’t get controlled and manipulated in our own country. It’s about time we do something.

    So I hope it’ll enlighten you.

    My apologies on the other Koreans who get stereotyped because of this (who are very decent and nice) you should tell your counterparts to behave themselves and stop being all high and mighty.


    Nuff said.

  • paul

    I am Filipino and I live here in United States and they are really arrogant. Most of Koreans do think they are the best people on earth. They don’t want to be considered asian, they want to separate themselves. They are very racist too, they even hate each other.. lol.. Thats a fact..

  • conchita

    I’m a filipina married to american and as of now we are here in korea working and i have a comments of this asshole korean people. I read all comments and i agree of what they say about this shit people. My residence is here in davao also. They are arrogant, they look down their noses to all foreigners here in korea even americans. They are all shit people. You walk on their streets they spit infront of you, they will not pay their foreign workers, battered them with no cause,filipinas married to koreans they treat them as slaves. PLEASE READ THIS: DONT LET THIS PEOPLE LIVE AND HAVE BUSINESS IN OUR BELOVED DAVAO FOR THEY ARE NOT HUMAN BEING THEY ARE EVIL PEOPLE. THEY WILL NOT TREAT OUR FILIPINAS WORKING HERE AS AN ENTERTAINER NICELY INSTEAD THEY TREAT THEM AS SLAVES.

  • http://yahoo lianne

    i also read an article about a filipina who wish to buy bread in a korean bakery in pampanga..the koreans just looked at her and one of them shoo her away saying the bakery is only exclusive for korean customers…”no filipinos here!no filipinos!only for koreans!”duh..the land where the korean bakery is erected is in the philippines for pete’s sake.the korean could have said it nicely n politely..

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