NUJP demands sanctions for Camiguin governor for mauling TV crew

May. 09, 2010

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) demands the surfacing of Cagayan de Oro journalist Rolando Gono, who went missing in Camiguin Island Sunday morning after sending a plea for help saying he had been abducted by unidentified men.

Nestor Burgos, NUJP chair, also challenged authorities to take appropriate action against Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus “JJ” M. Romualdo who, with several of his followers, mauled two other Cagayan de Oro media men, Herbert Hugo Dumaguing and his son Hubert.

Rene Abris, volunteer reporter of Cagayan de Oro’s Hot FM 106.3, said he received a text message from Gono asking for help because unidentified men had seized him. The men were also asking where Abris was.

PISTOL[- WHIPPED. One of the Cagayan de Oro television crew allegedly mauled by Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus “JJ” M. Romualdo and his bodyguards. (photo from NUJP-IFJ Media Safety Office)

PISTOL- WHIPPED. One of the Cagayan de Oro television crew members allegedly mauled by Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus “JJ” M. Romualdo and his bodyguards. (photo from NUJP-IFJ Media Safety Office)

Gono’s abduction came soon after Abris had filed a report from the Catarman police station about the mauling of the Dumaguits in Barangay Pangaro, where they had chanced on several local officials allegedly handing out envelopes to voters.

Abris said Gono had asked permission to return to Cagayan de Oro because a child had gotten sick. He never made it out of Catarman.

On the other hand, the elder Dumaguis said they had gone to Pangaro to follow up a tip on vote buying. However, his son was discovered before he could take footage and was chased.

Herbert Hugo said he rushed to pick up Hubert but they were surrounded before they could make good escape.

When they refused demands to hand over their equipment, he said some of the men around them drew guns and aimed at them. Herbert Hugo was pistol-whipped on the head with a .45 caliber pistol while his son suffered contusions and abrasions from the beating. Their assailants also seized a camera and other belongings from them. camiguin_attack4

Colleagues following up the incidents have reported that police met with Romualdo in another barangay of Catarman but took no action against the provincial executive.

These brazen violations, not only of election laws, but of criminal laws and of the basic human and civil rights enshrined in our Constitution cannot and should not be countenanced.

We demand that the Commission on Elections immediately place Camiguin under its control and, if local authorities cannot or will not act against Romualdo and his minions, to replace the security forces on the island with those who will.

We also demand the disarming of all private armed groups maintained by politicians in Camiguin.

The culture of impunity that has claimed the lives of 137 colleagues since 1986, 100 of them under this administration alone, and which threatens the missing Gono, has gone on for too long.

”We say enough!” Burgos said.

  • pls pay attention on what happened in CAMIGUIN ISLAND

  • looy

    The Romualdos really think they owned camiguin and that camiguingnons owed a lot to them…they have enriched themselves while in power and are not thinking of giving up their position…Poor people of Camiguin…

  • gabrielle

    I would say Camiguin is doomed to poverty by strong political stronghold in that area. Maintaining such economic status of the people makes them feel powerful and great. Powerful by instilling fear among its constituents. People are not ignorant there, they can discern the rightful person to be in a certain position however because of poverty, they are forced to make choices out of conscience. Money talks a lot here. I hope this beautiful island will not be like an “Ampatuan of Maguindanao”…. But election result here will judge what will becoming of this beautiful island.

  • The only people to be blame on the Romualdo’s politcal dynasty on the island are the people itself. I myself is from camiguin and i can truly say they do not stand for themselves. That is why people like the Romualdo’s take advantage of that fear. They only grew in power because the people let them.

    Year and years have past people keep talking that they are fed up with the Romualdo’s dynasty. But when election comes they vote for them.

    If the camiguingnons does not act on this matter? camiguin will be doomed under the Romualdo’s rules.

    This are the people that destroy the islands beauty:

    JJ “Gay without the Goons” Romualdo
    Ma. Luisa “Puppet” Romualdo
    Dan2x “Fat Albert” Romualdo
    Pedro “Old hag” Romualdo

  • Angel

    This is not the first time that JJ Romualdo assaulted people. Last election they also assaulted Atty. Junjun Naredo and killed several people in the island. Now that we have a new President I hope justice will be served. PPR and JJ it’s about time for you to come clean. The election was so filthy there was vote buying even in the school vicinity the teachers who served got 10,ooophp to cooperate with their plans. PPR, JJ and BB we knew that the first 300 numbers were given to your people in which the local candidates n your party list were already shaded. God is watching all your moves.

  • john agnew

    camiguin; what can i say. it is controlled by the Romualdo’s. all the comments that was made is all true. Infact even the election results is controlled by them. None of the opposition but whos planted won the election. heheheheh. might as well give the entire land title of camiguin to them.

  • Kile

    A 10 million peso mansion was recently built under the name of the current Governor of Camiguin, Jesus Jurdin Romualdo and current Municipal Mayor of Mambajao Maria Luisa Romualdo…..

    Its quite alarming that despite the poverty Camiguin people are experiencing, meron pa rin silang lakas nang loob na gumawa ng mansion…..

  • Alexi Petrovic

    CORRUPTION is the name of game dude……

    I hope that a massacre will not happen again…. I visited Camiguin a year ago and it seems perfectly fine but i was surprised that the old walkway has entrance fee and so as White island…..

    Governor JJ Romualdo inposed the entrance fee……. soooo suspicious!!!!

  • chubz

    I dont believe that the member of BEI’s were paid by the Romualdo’s…as a public school’s hard to shade the official ballots in advance…i served as an BEI too..but not in Camiguin,coz im not teaching in Camiguin Prov.Hope this problem will be solve asap in good faith….mabuhay tayong lahat…

  • chubz

    Magandang araw po sa lahat ng mga mamamayan sa probinsya ng Camiguin…Tanggapin nalang po ninyo ang resulta dahil nakikita naman po ninyo kung ano ang mga ginawa sa isla ninyo…Malaking improvement po simula si Cong.Pedro P.Romualdo ang nating tatay sa lugar ninyo…magtulungan nalang po kayong para sa ikauunlad pa sa isla……i know that PPR will improve more Camiguin….Good luck to all….

  • chubz

    sa mga natalo sa nakaraang election….tulungan nalang po ninyo ang administrasyong Romualdo para mas umunlad pa ang Camiguin…

  • chubz

    hindi po ako naniniwala na nananakit si Gov.Romualdo sa taga media…marami pong nakakita sa araw na yon…at yong nangambisyong maging congressman na isang atorney hindi po totoo na sinaktan po ni Gov.JJ…kung ako po sa inyo atorney Narido…mag concentrate nalang po kayo sa mga wag tumanggap ng bayad pag sa tingin nyo po kayo ay matatalo sa kaso…,,,ok???kasi po malaking kahihiyan yon…

  • Angel

    I heard that some congressmen are planning to move to Noynoy’s party mga camiguingnon tan-awon nato ang atong PPR mobalhin pod na just like what he did to Erap.When Erap became the president they were kissing his butt like he was their buddy. Ilang sulte si Noynoy naay psychological problem, karon nga president na siya am sure mobali napod sila.

    Kuyaw kaayo nang mansion ni Big Head kay ang mga kabilya nga gigamit ang mga kabilya sa daan nga market sa mambajao mao diay gi dali dali pag guba para magamit sa ilang mansion. Sukad nahimong mayor si BB morag “ghost town” na ang mambajao gipang guba ang mga land marks kay gusto tingale pulihan sa ilang monumento. Wake up Camiguin people we don’t have freedom anymore. Even our freedom of speech is gone. There are ears and eyes everywhere… know why? because they are aware of what they are doing, very dirty. I had a high respect of PPR before but it all changed now I think his son JJ is giving him a bad name. PJBD good luck to you all sana naman matakot kayo sa Dios. Mayor Babalo taposin muna ang plano mo sa Mambajao Public Market para hindi hahaba ang pagiging ghost town sa Mambajao. Maraming tao ang umiiyak sa mansion nyo kasi kinuha nyo ang lupa nila….mahihiya naman kayo. Kilala namin ang taong nagdala ng mga kabilya sa San Jose. Please, gumawa naman kayo ng tama dumami na ang mga ginawa nyong masasama….ang mga ghost mismo ng mga taong pinatay nyo ang dapat nyong katakotan. Remember the KARMA…. it will haunt you down.

  • hubby

    chubz, if all public teachers in Camiguin have similar thinking you have, its no wonder why during elections in the province most of romualdo’s willing cahoots are public school teachers. It is apparent that you owe your appointment to a school in Camiguin to the romualdos. Teachers in camiguin are hired not on the basis of merits but of loyalty. it is the same yardstick in picking up scholars not because of ability but because their students’ families will surely vote for the romualdos during election. Bato bato sa langitikaw chubby ay sure na matamaan wag ka namang magalit.

  • concerned citizen

    I am from Camiguin and I love the island more than anything else in this world. It is just so dreadful to wake up everyday knowing that we have the worst politics in which ass kissers and corrupt monsters enjoyed living luxurously over hardworking people’s money who are greatly suffering in poverty.

    I am proud of my people but disgraced of their political stands because they are blinded by money and power. They wanted to be a part of the ride with the monsters as well and sold their dignity.

    It is so frustrating that many of my fellow has forgotten the meaning of dignity nor paid attention to it. We, the ones who have our dignity as our precious treasures are labeled dumb and impractical.

    Now, by this news, people were still blind and believed in what the monsters said that they were featured because they were “good-looking.”

    Such a dumbass’ response to an urgent call of public dignity… too bad people were so dumb or illusioned by these beliefs of these monsters.

    I have my dignity always that is why I am deprived of everything political and government support in this beautiful island.


  • Frances

    ROMUALDO’S SUCKS AND THE PEOPLE OF CAMIGUIN NEEDS TO CLEAN UP AND SPEAK FOR THEIRSELVES…What has destroyed liberty and the rights of men in every CAMIGUINGNON that has ever existed under the THE ROMUALDO’S REGIME generalizing and concentrating of all cares and powers into one body ” THE CAMIGINGNON “.THE PEOPLE OF CAMIGUIN SHOULD THROW THE ROMUALDO’S GOVERMENT AND START OVER TO GET RID OF THE CORRUPTIONS!!!!!!!!!”THE ROMUALDO’S”

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