Mayor Duterte Will Duterte stick to his guns in his verbal war with the Church?

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte just can’t help himself sometimes. This week, the mayor called the Catholic Church’s promotion of natural birth control as “stupid.” “Sex is an instinct,” he said in his TV program last Sunday. “It’s natural for men to have sex. And this instinct is something that cannot be stopped by counting the days of the calendar and then after reaching that certain day, you do it,” referring to the rhythm birth-control method. “The population control program of the Church is stupid. It is not at all working.”

Then again, Duterte has been developing this habit of backtracking on his statements and positions. Or, to put it more accurately, he dishes out sound bites that the media would lap up and then modify these later. Let’s see if he can stick to his guns in his verbal tussle with the Church.

Another Duterte related item: The anti-drugs chief in Northern Mindanao told Cagayan de Oro councilors that Duterte may have been misinformed in his earlier statements about drugs in Mindanao.

  • He is nothing but a bully and criminal. He is shown for signs of A.A.D.D (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder). He thinks he is above the law; and he is encouraging the killers to kill innocents children regardless what they’d have done, and they don’t deserve to be killed. The poor people that cannot help themselves and tried to find away to feed their family. These people not necessaryly muderers but hey let just put them in their misery. And the true killers got away with it. Mayor Duterte is using it as scare tactic with those people that cannot help themselves. Instead of finding where the source of the problem he is letting the killers kill so protect the criminal and drug lords itselt. I think the source of the problem is infront of him and just look away becuase himself is the problem. He is no different from Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. And people there’s nothing they can do about it becuase they are scared and powerless. Becuase if your not on his side he might put a bullet in your head. The law and police in Davao are problem as well. Nothing but corrupt. And the goverment just look away and pretend nothings happen. Make me sick in my stomach. Mindanao will never change nor be safe until government step up the plate.

    here’s my two cents worth!

  • i kind’a agree w that ,you can’t cure a problem with another one…i pity those family who lost there kids,to this vigelante group…duterte is no different of marcos..

  • that’s right local boy. Perhaps Duterte is Marcos relative……you never know.

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