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So much has been written in denunciation of the spate of killings in the tribal communities of Mindanao.  But all these point only to one thing: The government  has openly shown that it is incapable of ruling in the normal way, that it has shun its pretensions of  “peace and development” as the keystone of its anti-insurgency Oplan Bayanihan in dealing with the  upsurge of the revolutionary struggle in the countryside.  Its so called PDOP or Peace and Development Outreach Program has not only failed to reach out to the masses, it has fallen short of deceptive tactics to effect a welcoming reception by the people it purports to serve. It is an honest way of showing its real nature as an instrument of deception and tyranny, exploitation and oppression for the foreign capitalist plunderers and local ruling economic elite.

The revolutionary camp cannot but be appreciative of the Aquino government’s effort to recruit revolutionary fighters for the NPA. The martial law atrocities during the rule of the late dictator Marcos pales in comparison to the current reign of terror now prevailing in Lumad lands.

The cases of hamletting during Marcos martial rule was pure hamletting.  But the Pinoy-type hamletting includes open mass slaying in broad daylight under the noses of the village residents.  Even the rape act by certain elements of the AFP brigades in Mindanao mountain villages is now being perpetrated in front of the shackled husband of the hapless victim, reminiscent of the Japanese troops in their occupation in our country during the  Second World War.

“Kulang na lang mag-tugpo og batang masuso sa hangin ug saw-on sa tumoy sa bayoneta, sama sa gihimo sa mga sundalong Hapones kaniadto!”   [The AFP has yet to throw an infant  into the air and catch it with the point of a bayonet like what the Japanese troopers did during  WW II.!]

And oh, the AFP has really surpassed the then Japanese military officer in employing local traitors to ensnare the Filipino guerrilla fighters of yore. During that disheartening period in our history,  the local traitors would be wearing bayong with “eyeholes” in order to be able to point at lined up barrio folks to identify who among them were guerrilla elements. Now, the paramilitary traitors among the local villagers need not wear masks,  They shamelessly display their naked faces to perform their dastardly  acts of murdering innocent civilians and or subjecting them to horrible crimes, such as slitting the victim’s throat.

And, of course, the paramilitary scheme was an unheard of phenomenon during the Japanese Occupation.  Thanks to the “American liberators”, they have trained our Filipino soldiers with the most novel ways of committing acts of  treachery with impunity.  This barbaric deeds of the paramilitary could very well be the  military’s art and tactics of “postmodern” era.

We now witness the most sordid episode in the  AFP’s postmodern methods of military exercises with the new batch of  military generals excellently applying the new learnings and creative techniques they have imbibed from their American military mentors.

Or can we say that these postmodern military art devices a unique Filipino invention?   Can we exculpate the imperialist saboteur agents with  their tricky invisible agenda of organizing “terror groups” and instigating coups d’etat and other political-military‘squid tactics’ of sabotage according to the convenience and comfort of  imperialist interests?   Maybe, we can exclusively point to the AFP as the ones really responsible in creating the known terror group in the South?

Which is more a cause for alarm and panic to the citizenry and to the integrity of Philippine society— the US-identified terror groups? Or the AFP Terror Brigades now operating under  license of the law?  Who has the most deadly weapons of perpetrating ethnocidal crimes and other forms of curtailing human lives—the known terror organizations?  Or the AFP Terror Battalions roaming freely in our midst?

SOS!  Save our Souls, Oh blessed Michael the Archangel!  The new wave of terroristic acts and deeds artfully launched by the AFP are by far the most obnoxious and most capable of doing anything vile and satanic under the glare of  heaven! Malacañang seems to be the solar radiating principle that gives sustenance to this evil contingent of the State security forces.  It operates under the guise of lawful imprimatur, under the official seal of the Office of the President.

Yes, the AFP under the present commander-in-chief Pres. Noynoy Aquino is capable of doing absolutely anything.  Absolutely anything!   

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