More classrooms target of resiliency plan for education

Apr. 20, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Priority will be given to the construction of much-needed school buildings as part of the economic resiliency plan (ERP) for education.

More than 124-million pesos worth of budgetary allocation is being poured into Southern Mindanao as part of the ERP.

Aside from building classrooms, especially in areas experiencing acute classroom shortages, the government will also focus on the rehabilitation and construction of water and sanitation facilities, particularly toilets in every school.

The Department of Education (DepEd) is now working with a national target of constructing 1,908 new classrooms and 6,322 new toilets. More than 2,500 existing classrooms and about 194 toilets will also be repaired.

DepEd will also implement the school-based management systems (SBM) to serve the gap in classroom shortage and help prime up the economy by employing many people in the building and construction business. DepEd targets that by 2010, at least 80 percent of learners will be attending schools with mature practice of SBM.

DepEd also hopes to implement in 2010 the Basic Secondary Education Curriculum which takes cognizance of the high percentage of school leavers in high school. With more and more out of school youth today, wants to gives special focus on technical-vocational education by revitalizing secondary tech-voc schools. The new curriculum will give emphasis on technical-vocational skills at every year level and will expand opportunities of out of school youth for productive learning outside of the school. (PIA XI)

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