SHAKEUP: Citywide earthquake, tsunami drill held in Davao City

Jul. 14, 2017
  • SHAKE UP. Pigeons scatter away after being scared off by the wavering siren that signaled the coming of a tsunami, as ​C​ity ​H​all employees execute the duck, cover, and hold maneuver while evacuating to the San Pedro Square on Friday's (July 14) Citywide Earthquake and Tsunami Drill. (Paulo C. Rizal/

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — To better prepare residents and emergency responders in handling calamities, the city conducted a citywide earthquake and tsunami drill Friday.

Participating residents, including ​C​ity ​H​all employees, shopping mall employees, public school teachers and students near San Pedro Street executed the duck, cover, and hold position at around 9 am, and evacuated to higher ground after a siren signaled the occurrence of a tsunami.

The employees then returned to their offices after a steady siren signaled that the tsunami has passed.

Emergency respond teams demonstrated their readiness to perform rescue operations inside the Crocodile Park. (

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