Bayan Muna Davao slams ‘Panganiban formula’

Jun. 05, 2007

DAVAO CITY — Bayan Muna criticized here today the Commission on Elections proposal to implement the so-called Panganiban formula or the first party rule in the partylist system which will consequently trim down the representation of marginalized sectors in the House of Congress.

The so-called Panganiban formula says that only the leading partylist will take the maximum of three seats in the Lower House as against the 2-4-6 formula which in two consecutive terms has mandated three House representatives for Bayan Muna and other partylists that have garnered the required percentage of votes for partylist.

There is so much to doubt about the intention of having the Panganiban formula implemented now or at any point in time knowing that it will only defeat the purpose for which the partylist system was created – to have as much representation of the marginalized sectors in the Lower House, Bayan Muna Regional Coordinator Jeppie Ramada said.

Ramada added that the proposal suddenly cropped up when the COMELECs partial canvassing of votes for the partylist groups is likely to give Bayan Muna the second spot in the overall standings.

Fishy as it is, we oppose to this proposal not only because it denies our duly constituted right to represent our people as best as we could, it generally diminishes opportunities of a balanced representation of all sectors in the Lower House, Ramada stressed.

Very evidently, this whole idea only wants to limit and weaken the presence of Bayan Muna and other progressive partylists in the Lower House so as to defeat the impeachment complaint that is set to be filed against Gloria Arroyo as soon as the 14th Congress opens, Ramada said.

Bayan Muna will file a petition in the Supreme Court in any chance that the Panganiban formula will be implemented.

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