Actors offered Mayor Duterte movie on his life

Mar. 15, 2015

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte confirmed on Sunday that actor Robin Padilla is not the only celebrity who offered to make a movie about his life.

Duterte said the first to make the offer was the late actor Rudy Fernandez.

Duterte said Fernandez quipped they have the same name.

“So he felt a certain binding, whatever,” Duterte said adding the next who offered was actor Phillip Salvador.

“I refused because I find it corny,” Duterte said asking “Why me? Make a movie on (former Congressman Prospero Nograles) instead.”

“To be glorified in the movie… the rationale why you are exemplified because you did something for the country like our heroes,” Duterte said.

“Maybe later, if my children will allow it,” he said.

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