Duterte to Araw ng Davao visitors: follow safety protocols

Mar. 15, 2015

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte appeals to the visitors for the 78th Araw ng Davao to follow the security protocols set by police authorities.

Duterte met with the police in a command conference recently to discuss the safety policies for the Araw ng Davao. Duterte said backpacks are still not allowed.

“But if you want to bring your backpacks, let the police inspect it,” Duterte said.

“Mangayo na lang ko og dispensa kung ang pulis tan-awon niya, silipon niya, o basin nagduda na siya. Ug dili pod ninyo ikasubo kaayo, tutal para man na sa inyo, patan-awa ninyo (I would just ask for your understanding if the police inspects your bag. That’s for your own good anyway, let them inspect it),” Duterte said during his weekly program, Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa on Sunday.

Duterte said the city government is just “trying to be on the safe side” as the city is on red alert following the all-out offensives by the military against Moro fighters.

Duterte also enjoined the public to join the festivities.

The City Tourism Office is expecting 100,000 visitors during the celebration.

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