DAVAO CITY , Philippines – Authorities here may ask the airline companies to explain the unusual high fare airline companies are charging on the Manila-Davao route compared to routes with longer travel time.

The high fare comes at a time that the country’s aviation continued to be hounded by congestion at the premier gateway at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre said bookings for different routes compared to that of the Manila-Davao route show unusual rates applied to the latter route.

He cited a Davao to Manila round trip ticket booked one week prior to the September 04 flight was priced P11,589, whereas the fare of a round trip ticket from General Santos to Manila only cost P8,403.

“Note that General Santos is farther than Davao from Manila,” he said.

Also, he said, a round trip ticket from Davao to Hong Kong was cheaper, at only $187 or P9,980. He said all the ticket prices compared were done for booking of the same day.

He said the comparison was done on the two airline companies and showed the same results.

He said the Davao City Tourism Office hoped there would be a change in these airline fare charging to help the city’s tourism.

“Life is here. That is the line Davao’s Tourism brand itself, now they want to make it realistic, Life is here and visiting Davao to get the best time of a tourist’s life should not be expensive,” Alejandre said.

He said the increasing influx of tourists during the latest Kadayawan festivities was encouraging. “Nagbunga ang atung gihaguan (We are harvesting the fruit of our labor),” Alejandre added.(davaotoday.com)

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    Airlines are not in business to make everything equal.
    They are in business to make a profit.
    That’s good! That is how a free society operates.
    If profits are bad, then shut down sari-sari stores if they make a profit.

    Obviously something becomes more expensive if more people want it!
    Our evil president is from Davao, so more people are interested in the city, and travel here has increased.

    If government steps in and punishes the airlines and forces them to reduces fares to Davao, they will raise fares to other cities, because they have to make a profit.
    If they don’t make a profit, they will stop serving the public, and we all will lose.

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    Basic economics education is so lacking in this country.
    That’s why we elected a socialist president.

  • garie dela cruz

    Pati dto nakayod ka trol?poro ka ngakngak bat di nyo mapabagsak ang pangulo kayong mga utak talangka noh?kahit ano pa itawag nyo sa kanya majority ng mga pilipino ay naniniwala sa knya at minahal sya!kayo lang nmang mga ayaw sa pagbabago ang salot

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