Electric company assures public of safety of underground wires

Dec. 18, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC)ensured the public of the safety of the ongoing Underground Distribution System Project (UDS) in the city.

DLPC’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Engr. Rodger S. Velasco said on Wednesday’s press conference that the Davao City Wires and Cable (WAC) technical team conducted a thorough risk assessment for an earthquake, flooding and other related problems on the area that were identified for the five-phased UDS project.

“Our system is designed to be directly buried. Those things are considered in our design to be earthquake and flood proof” said Velasco.

The UDS project is initiated to get rid of the messy and tangled overhead wires in the city’s skyline view. It also lessens the possible cause of fire and power interruption as power lines are prone to cause a fire.

“One of the possible results on this is that there are no more dangling wires, and we can only see street lights in the city,” said Velasco.

Aside from the DLPC wires, also included in the UDS project are the cable wires owned by big telecommunication companies such as BayanTel, Globe and the wires for CCTV under the public safety office.

It has started in the vicinity of the Davao City Hall as the pilot area. Part of its phase 1 operation is the CM Recto Street, where the removal of all cables has also started.

It has a timeframe of completion until 2023 while the UDS project phase 2 will start early next year that will cover the Uyanguren- Magsaysay streets. Phase 3 will be the C. Bangoy- Ponciano and portion of Bonifacio streets while phase 4 will cover the whole stretch of Quirino Street.

Meanwhile, DLPC and the WAC technical team have asked the public to understand the situation especially that the UDS phase 1 project in CM Recto is a traffic prone area and can be more inconvenient to commuters.

“We are constantly in communication with our City Transport and Traffic Management Office to assess while the construction is ongoing,” said Velasco.

They noted that the construction has been adjusted from 9:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning so as not to add to the traffic problem during working hours.(davaotoday.com)

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