Pedestrian’s mistake causes death of truck driver

Jul. 01, 2024

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – While pedestrians have the right of way, a pedestrian not following traffic rules can be penalized.

This is the case in what happened last week, a bizarre accident when a pedestrian crossed on a stop sign, forcing a truck to a sudden break to avoid hitting her. But the truck’s load of steel piles lunged forward and crushed the driver and his helper.

The incident happened on June 25, 2024, on the highway near the Davao International Airport Cargo Area on CP Garcia Highway (Diversion Road), and was captured on CCTV footage which circulated over social media and gathered many reactions criticizing the pedestrian.

The driver is identified as Nestor Dela Cruz Doronio Sr., 56 years old and his companion is Karsem Rasonable, 24 years old.

Police authorities have identified the pedestrian as Evalonie Intia Martinez, age 32, who is an airport security assistant.

She will be charged with reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicides, according to a statement by the Davao City Police Office. 

The police said the families of the victims are bent on pursuing the case. A conviction in this case will be met with a penalty of imprisonment between four to 10 years.

Also facing charges is the jeepney driver who dropped Martinez in the crosswalk, which is a violation of the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

Police also said they will consider filing charges on the truck owner or company for not properly fastening the steel load that resulted in the accident. (

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