Farm-to-Market Roads for Remote Davao Villages to Open Soon

Mar. 30, 2007

DAVAO CITY — A 23-million-peso farm to market roads would soon be completed in the barangays of Tawantawan and Banarao, Talandang, Tugbok, Davao City.

The residents of Barangay Tawantawan, Baguio shall enjoy the 4.7 kilometer road concreting in two phases: Phase 1-Rehabilitation of Tawantawan Road to Barangay Proper and the Rehabilitation of Tawantawan road to Maligatong area.

Also the residents of Sitio Banarao and Talandang can find convenience in the rehabilitation of 3.5 kms. Talandang proper to Banaraw road with spot concreting of 231.40 meters.

Different committees were formed to monitor and ensure proper implementation of the projects according to its design and specifications and program of work.

Among the committees formed were: the Inventory Committee, Quality Control Committee, Work Team Committee, Savings Mobilization Committee and the Operations and Maintenance Committee.

In the Memorandum of Agreement, the project must be properly maintained within 10 years so that it will not be reverted to loan status. if that happens it shall be charged against the internal revenue allotment (IRA) of the barangay. Thats how important the role of the committees, especially the Operations and Maintenance committee.

A twice a year inspection shall be conducted by the Provincial Inspectorate Team after the project is completed. Billboards shall be constructed at the entrance of the project sites.

In an interview made by Information officer Fraulein Montanez with Kagawad Aragones of Brgy. Tawantawan he said that the project will open employment to the residents.

Unskilled workers like laborers and masons shall be hired during the duration of the project. And he hopes that the community, business sector and other business sector and other stakeholders would cooperate so that the FMR construction would be completed according to its program of work.

Project program facilitator Ruel Larosa said that the project is just one of the component-package under the Agrarian Reform Communities project (ARCP) funded by Asian Development Bank, along with agricultural development and institutional development and project management components.

It is a project of the Dept. of Agrarian Reform (DAR) funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) under the Agrarian Reform Communities Project (ARCP) and this program is expected to end by June 2007.

The farm to mark road or rural infra is only one of the components of ADB ARCP along with Enterprise Development and Institutional development.

The P23 million peso- project is expected to benefit not only the 661 agrarian reform beneficiaries of barangays Tawantawan and Talandang but the whole community as well. DAR expects countryside development would spur economic growth for the farmers . (DAR/ARCP-F. Montanez/PIA XI)

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