Nine-hour Brownout in Calinan Set Sunday

Apr. 26, 2007

Davao Light and Power Company has scheduled an 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM service interruption this Sunday, April 29, affecting a large part of Calinan.

The electric utility yesterday advised that the nine-hour outage is due to the transferring of power lines to newly erected poles relative to the road widening project by DPWH in the Wangan to Kawayan road in Calinan.

Experiencing the nine-hour brownout are Barangay Wangan proper, Barangay Subasta (including Subasta Water System, Subasta Agricultural Corp., Davao Fruits Corp., and Tri-Star Group of Banana Corp.), Barangay Tagakpan proper (including Roberto Paquit Store, San Francisco de Asis Parish, and Tagakpan Water System), and a portion of Barangay Manambulan (including Sitio Talisay and Kawayan, and Manambulan Water System).

Also affected are Barangay Sirib (including Alfredo Tan Farm, Joseph Sasin Farm, Higland Bananan Corp., and Global Fruits Corp.), and Barangay Manuel Guianga (including Highland Banana Corporation, Tristar Logistics, Inc., Davao Fruit Corporation packing house # 41 & dipag-2, Manuel Guianga Water System – barangay proper and Purok Costan, and Jose Mari Marfori Farm).

Davao Light apologizes for the inconvenience of this long service interruption.

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