Pedicabs, motorized transport to register with city – CTTMO

Apr. 05, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) has commenced registration of pedal-operated and motorized transport tricycles for hire on Thursday but it will not include the “payong-payong”.

“We will register pedal-operated and motorized transport tricycles for hire or closed-cab tricycles excluding payong payong because they are considered illegal attachment since they are only registered as single motorcycle,” CTTMO head Dionosio Abude said.

According to Abude, registration fees vary for each type. For bicycle, P205; trisikad, P205; tricycle for transport use, P635; tricycle for vending-use P1,135; and for tricycle for delivery-use, P1135.

A personnel from the City Treasurer’s Office will be designated at the one-stop shop registration site.

The requirements for the operators include accomplished registration form, OR/CR photocopy, photocopy of common carrier insurance for passengers, photocopy of driver’s license, barangay clearance, police clearance, photocopy of residence certificate, health certificate, official receipt and order of payment.

Meanwhile, requirement for drivers include drivers include photocopy of driver’s license, barangay clearance, police clearance, health certificate, residence certificate, and owner’s certification.

Abude also said they will check the road worthiness of the tricycles before the registration.

“Our team will check if the unit is road worthy and if it is complete with required equipments like break, headlight, tail light, side mirror and others,” he said.

The CTTMO started the registration of 32 barangays from April 4 to June 19 with the following schedule:

– Brgy. R. Castillo (April 4)

– Brgy. Calinan (April 5)

– Brgy. Baliok (April 10)

– Brgy. 39-B (April 12)

– Brgy. 34-B and Brgy. 35-B (April 15)

– Brgy. 36-D and Brgy. 38-D (April 16)

– Brgy. Matina Grabahan (April 22)

– Brgy. Centro Agdao (April 24)

– Brgy. Leon Garcia (April 26)

– Brgy. 74-D (April 29)

– Brgy. Dumoy (May 2)

– Brgy. 18-B (May 6)

– Brgy 1-A (May 8)

– Brgy. Gov. Vicente Duterte (May 9)

– Brgy. Paciano Bangoy (May 14)

– Brgy. Agdao Proper (May 20)

– Brgy. Lapu-lapu (May 22)

– Brgy. 11-B and 12-B (May 24)

– Brgy. Tomas Monteverde (May 26)

– Brgy. 27-C (May 27)

– Brgy. 33-D (May 28)

– Brgy. Bago Aplaya (May 29)

– Brgy. C. Garcia (May 31)

– Brgy. 75-A (June 5)

– Brgy. Times Beach (June 10)

– Brgy. SIR Matina (June 13)

– Brgy. Lasang (June 17)

– Brgy. 20-B (June 19)


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