Get a Degree Without Going to School (Sort of)

Mar. 30, 2007

DAVAO CITY — This form of distance learning gives hope to competent but nondegree holders to stay in their job and earn that college degree.

Called ETEEAP (Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program), the educational scheme is being offered by the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) in Davao City.

Professor Rosfe Corlae Badoy, director USEP-ETTEAP, announced Thursday that his office is ready to admit non-degree holders but are already working to earn their degrees by way of accreditation from the government-owned state university.

Badoy described the curriculum as friendly to those who are busy in the sense that they can study in their own sweet time. It is a kind of an anywhere-anytime schooling since they can work on their subjects at their own convenience.

She said interested applicants can enroll in such graduate and under graduate studies such as AB English or Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

Students in these specialized programs are required to submit their credentials and will be given the equivalency based on their experience, training and know how in relation to existing curriculum

The USEP professor said those who are currently employed and are willing to study in order to earn a degree will also undergo skills assessment, tutorials face-to-face or even thru the internet or the so-called borderless classroom.

Professor Badoy said based on their experience, most students can finish the schooling in less than one year. Although the fees are a little higher considering that ETTEAP is a specialized program where the normal four years college studies are lumped in just one year, she said.

Interested enrollees can get in touch with ROSFE CORLAE D. BADOY, Director USEP-ETTEAP, University of Southeastern Philippines, Bo. Obrero, Davao City or Tel # (082) 225-4696 / local 304. (PIA XI / Romy Sabaldan)

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