Davao Offers Cheapest Kidney Transplant

Mar. 14, 2007

DAVAO CITY — Kidney specialists in the city have bared that Davao offers the cheapest kidney transplant in the country today.

Dr. Franklin Guillano, a nephrologist, revealed that the city has hospitals that offer kidney transplantations for about 500,000 pesos compared to Manila’s price range from 800,000 pesos up to one million pesos.

“And it’s only Davao City in the whole of Mindanao that offers such service,” he said.

Since 1997, the number of kidney transplants grew to more than 100 transplantation. This was brought about by the various programs, often foreign-assisted, that provided free transplant operations to those deserving and qualified kidney patients.

Guillano and the other leaders of the Philippine Society of Nephrology – Mindanao Chapter are intensifying their advocacy of raising awareness about the importance of kidneys as an amazing organ that plays a crucial role.

“We are bringing forth the message that kidney disease is common, harmful, and treatable,” said Philippine Society of Nephrology Mindanao chapter president Dr. Josefino Ramos.

The specialists stressed that kidney problems are not just End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) which is often treated through dialysis or transplant. There is also what the specialists call Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) that is present in more than 500 million individuals or about one in 10 adults in the general population.

Studies showed that majority of individuals with early stages of CKD go undiagnosed, particularly in the developing world.

Dr. Noel Villanueva suggested that people must undergo urinalysis test to determine if they have kidney problems.

“If you feel body pain or difficulty in urinating, have a urinalysis immediately. As much as possible do not take pain relievers, trust doctor’s prescriptions to avoid infections or complications,” Villanueva said.

However, the most likely to get CKD or at high risk of the disease are patients with diabetes mellitus and hypertensive, those who are obese, over 50 years old, and those who smoke.

If not treated, the kidney problem could worsen and become an End-Stage Renal Disease which is now infecting over 1.5 million people worldwide, either undergoing hemo or peritoneal dialysis or transplantation.

The kidney specialists claimed that the success rate of kidney transplant in Davao city is 92%, which they believe is a good option for those who want to rid themselves from the weekly dialysis routine.

Despite the presence of competitive, modern kidney facilities in the city, the specialists still urge the public to be aware of the preventive measures to avoid the disease. It includes reduction of high blood pressure, control of glucose, smoking cessation, increase physical activities, and controlled body weight.

The kidney society worldwide celebrates World Kidney Day every eighth day of March. (Mai Gevera/PIA XI)

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