By Jetty Ayop-Ohaylan

DAVAO CITY — If you are looking for fun and exciting aqua-sport here, scuba diving is one of the options.

There are several dive sites in the Davao Gulf, which are only 45 minutes to 120 minutes away from the city proper. You can choose from the following dive spots: Ligid Islad, Aundanao, Tagbobo, Pangubatan, Mushroom Rock, Paet Point, Coral Garden, Isla Reta, Talisay Wall, Angel’s Cave, Mansud Wall, Malipano Island, Pearl Farm, Punta del Sol, and Paradise Island.

While scuba diving can be relaxing, it also has its risks, particularly when you venture out beyond the safe limits and, violate the standards set by diving organizations.

But according to Dr. Jeffrey Ramos, a diving instructor at Wind and Wave Davao, scuba diving is generally safe. Accidents, however, happen when you fail to follow the instructions. Diving when drunk or when having a hangover can be potentially hazardous. So does going beyond 60 feet when you are not yet trained to go over the specified depth or distance.

To minimize the risks, scuba diving lessons are conducted by dive centers and shops in Davao. These are: Open Water Scuba Diving, Advanced open Water Scuba Diving, Rescue Diving, Dive Master, Dive Instructor. Each course can cost you from 7,500 pesos to 15,000 pesos.

If you just want to try diving without undergoing the complete diving courses, you can take the “discover scuba diving” lessons. This only costs 650 pesos inclusive of the diving equipment and fee for the instructor. You can dive a depth of 20 feet for 30 minutes. (Jetty Ayop-Ohaylan/

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