Philippines: DENR Discovers Forest Destruction in Kidapawan

Apr. 17, 2007

Forest destruction at the Amas Reservation in Kidapawan City has been observed by the DENR and the Kidapawan Ecology Society Foundation, Inc. last month.

Such destruction of the forest was perpetrated by squatters at the Amas Forest Reservation and photos were taken by the Kidapawan Ecology Society Foundation, Inc.

It was observed by the group that tree trunks were burned; also by girding and wounding the trunks. This was how the forest was destroyed. The worst however is the kaingin system being practiced in the area.

The group was surprised to learn that the squatters are there because of some political accommodation. What is sad to note is the squatters were not given livelihood to sustain their daily lives needs; so that the trees became their target as source of income.

Further, the concerned agency has not taken action so that the forest destruction has reached the stage of almost complete denudation is another observation of the group.

The big question asked by the group is if the issues and concerns of forest reservation are not properly given attention by the concerned agency, who will then lead in solving such problem of forest destruction? (wrb/PIA 12)

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