RMN-Davao fires 2 more journalists for airing labor woes

Sep. 16, 2010

Press Release
16 September 2010


Two more media workers of Radio Mindanao Network DXDC Davao station (RMN-DXDC Davao) were sacked from their posts today. The incident came just 10 days after top network management unjustly terminated RMN Davao station manager Mario Maximo “Dodong” Solis.

At a talk with supervisory personnel when Carlos “Charlie” Canoy, Vice-President for AM Operations and one of the network owners, came over to the station this afternoon, he told Jessie Casalda, program director of RMN Davao Station and Elgin Damasco, news director, that he already “lost his trust on them.”

Canoy said he did not like what Casalda did last Saturday. He said he defied orders not to air news and comments regarding the problem at RMN Davao.

Casalda, who recently replaced Solis as anchorman of primetime commentary program, “Straight to the Point,” however, discussed the problem of the RMN Davao Employees Union and the recent illegal termination of station manager Dodong Solis on air last Saturday.

Casalda also aired some messages from sympathizing listeners, as well as read the NUJP Davao statement denouncing the harassment experienced by the RMN Davao station media workers from the top network management. Casalda is the chairperson of NUJP Davao City Chapter.

As for Damasco, Canoy took it against him as news director that he failed to “sanitize” the news.

Canoy said he was not happy about news regarding the union’s actions getting through RMN Davao’s airwaves. One incident regarding this pertains to the press conference held by the RMN Davao Employees Union (RDEU) last Thursday where they voiced out disgust over the top management’s actions against Solis and expressed that they felt their jobs threatened with the actions of the management.

RMN Networks personnel manager lawyer Jorge Sacdalan who was also present during Canoy’s talk with Damasco and Casalda told the two that they were offering an early retirement package “in order for them not to further antagonize the situation.”

Casalda and Damasco have served the RMN Davao station for more than six years. Sacdalan however relayed to the two that they will only get 50% of their accrued salary over their years of service with RMN.

Just today also, a man in civilian clothes came to the RMN Davao station and told the guard on duty that he was there upon orders from Camp Crame “to secure the station.” He even showed the guard some documents supporting his claim.

NUJP expresses serious concern over these series of unfortunate incidents befalling media colleagues at RMN Davao station.

Mr. Canoy’s blatant attack on the rights of media workers who delivered profits for his company is condemnable. The likes of media establishment owners like Canoy who brazenly shows no respect to the dignity of the working press, and press freedom essentially, deserves utmost denunciation.

NUJP Davao

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