11 police on watchlist for involvement on drug trade: PRO 11

Dec. 05, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Police Regional Office XI here said that it is presently monitoring the 11 personnel allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

“We are closely monitoring them to whether are they really involved in any drug activities. Right now we are establishing the details of their cases” said Police Senior Superintendent Deputy Regional Director for OperationPSSupt Eden Ugale.

Ugale said that as part of their intensified internal cleansing, the 11 personnel will be closely monitored by the regional office to establish their involvement in illegal drug activities.

While he refused to reveal the identities of these personnel, Ugale said that their ranks were Police Officer 1 (PO1) and Police Officer 2 (PO2).

Ugale also said they tested negative on drug use but was reported to be involved in illegal drug activities in their respective areas.

Based on the presented PRO XI data, aside from the 11 active personnel, there are also 6 was under Regional Personnel Holding Administration Unit, one went AWOL, and another was discharged in service, one has been detained and the other one has died.

PRO XI’s data of police personnel “doing irregularities in their respective duties” has reached 237 from January 1 to November 21, 2018.

It also stated that out of 237 cases, 156 of which were already resolved while the remaining 96 cases are still subject for resolution.

Cases include Grave Misconduct with 139 cases files, 66 were resolved. Out of 7 cases of Less Grave Misconduct that were filed, four were resolved, Grave Neglect of Duty has 45 cases filed, of the number of cases filed, 30 was resolved.

Other cases also include 10 cases of Simple Misconduct, 18 cases of Less Grave Neglect of Duty (12 cases were resolved), 13 cases of Simple Neglect of Duty (5 cases of were resolved).

There were also 2 cases filed of Serious irregularity in the Performance of Duty (1 case resolved), one case of Gross Incompetence which has been resolved later and 12 cases of Conduct of Unbecoming, of which 6 were resolved, according to Ugale. (davaotoday.com)

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