Council to inspect barangays for waste management lapses

Jul. 17, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The City Council’s head of the Committee on the Environment plans to visit all 183 barangays to check why there are weaknesses in implementing the city’s Solid Waste Management program.

Second District Councilor Diosdado Angelo Mahipus Jr. said during the council’s session Tuesday that there is a need to inspect and survey why some barangays have not complied with the program.

“I will check our barangays if they really have the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and if there are allocations in the implementation of Solid Waste Management Plans. Barangays without MRF should talk with its neighboring barangays for them to coordinate,” he said.

During the council’s press briefing, Mahipus said the ordinance “is too good already” but it needs for an amendment to ban the use of plastic in the city.

“This can help curb our garbage problem as our city is progressing,” he said.

First District Councilor Edgar Ibuyan, Sr, who is also president of the Association of Barangay Captain (ABC), agrees that some barangays are weak in their implementation of the city ordinance.

“There is a constant talk with them to remind them of their responsibility,” he said.

Ibuyan identified the barangays of 37-D, 31-D, and 76-A as having been lenient in the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Ordinance. Their attention was also called by marine biologist Darrell Blatchley since it was monitored that they had garbage-clogged drainage.

Despite these lapses in waste management, Mahipus and Ibuyan clarified that the City Council still cannot impose sanctions on these barangays. (

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