Davao to implement QR code for tracing in November

Oct. 09, 2020

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Davao City will set the mandatory use of QR (Quick Response) Code starting November in all offices and business establishments to fast track contact tracing of Covid-19 cases.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio announced on Friday at a radio program that the QR code system will be arriving in the city within this month.

The QR code app will be installed in establishments, while people will download the app on their smartphones. People will use the app to scan and record their transactions and entry into establishments. This data will be stored for 14 days which can be used for contact tracing in case one gets contracted with coronavirus.

“The success of this will be dependent or contingent on the support of our offices and establishments because they are required that it is mandatory to all those who go in and out to work will scan their QR code,” the mayor said.

The city government is doing its trial implementation of the QR Code system from October 7 to 11 in the Davao City International Airport as a requirement for passengers entering the City.

Passengers will fill out a form after they are issued a boarding passes at their travel of origin. They will also be provided with a QR code which a passenger will present upon arrival at Davao City International Airport.

But authorities have already detected two cases of passengers using fake documents at the airport. The mayor said they did not hold the passengers liable but instead ordered them to undergo a test to ensure safety before entering the city.

“These are things that we’re expecting, people are not honest in declaring their information,” she said. (davaotoday.com)

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