Traffic group to tow illegally parked vehicles

Jul. 26, 2016
TRAFFIC CONGESTION. City Transport and Traffic Management Office head Rhodelio Poliquit says they are proposing the city to buy four towing cars to aid in decongesting the roads in the city that has been used as parking areas by some car owners. (Ace R. Morandante/

City Transport and Traffic Management Office head Rhodelio Poliquit ( file photo)

DAVAO CITY— The City Transport and Traffic Management Office warned motorists that authorities will now tow vehicles parked in prohibited areas, especially along major streets.

The CTTMO has recently acquired two tow trucks and has started their operations against illegally parked vehicles. Rhodelio Poliquit, CTTMO head, said their operation will be on a daily basis.

He said vehicles that are parked in prohibited areas “are clogging traffic flow.”

“Our top priority is the main thoroughfares wherein the public utility vehicles traverse,” he said.
Last year, Poliquit cited as an example the situation along Malvar and Dumanlas roads where cars have taken up too much space.

“Go to Malvar Street. There seems to be no more roads as you can only see cars along the street. Our Dumanlas Street, which was widened to serve as an alternate route from north going to our central district, was used as a parking space where car owners even cover their cars with blankets. So we cannot do anything but to use towing cars,” said Poliquit.

Poliquit said aside from clearing up the roads, towing cars will make car owners responsible. Violators will be fined P1,500 towing fee. (

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