Canvassing in Davao City going smoothly, although Cayetano case creates confusion

May. 16, 2007

By Marilou M. Aguirre
Davao Today

DAVAO CITY — The City Board of Canvassers (BOC) in this city has encountered no major problems so far in their second day of canvassing of election returns (ER).

As of 11 this morning, the BOC has received a total of 1,279 ERs from the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs). The First District has delivered 542 ERs, while the Second and Third Districts have delivered 500 ERs and 237 ERs, respectively.

BOC chairman Irma Vera Morcillo said that one of the complaints encountered by the BEIs is the case of the two Cayetanos, Alan Peter and Joselito, whose names appear adjacent in the list.

She said that sometimes, the canvassers would get confused and credit votes for Joselito to Alan Peter and vice versa.

“But we don’t worry because the teachers themselves are watchful and very careful. They approach us immediately whenever there are errors so we can make the necessary corrections,” Morcillo said.

She added that, so far, no lawyers or poll watchers who have raised complaints to the BOC.

Yesterday, the canvassing was held at the City Council building’s session hall. It was stopped around 5 in the afternoon because of the strong smell of the fresh paint. At 7 this morning, the canvassing resumed on a smaller room on third floor.

Police said the situation in and around the canvassing area was normal. (Marilou M. Aguirre/

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