City envi committee to look into cutting of trees in Clifford Park

Nov. 06, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The chair of the committee on the environment assured the public that the city government will look into the recent case of cutting of trees in Clifford Park.

Earlier, Councilor Pilar Braga raised a concern in the city council after seeing several cut trees in the center island park along Roxas Avenue.

In her privilege speech this Tuesday, Braga asked what agency gave the go-signal to cut the trees.

She also pointed out that the trees are part of the millennium parks of the city and was even nominated in the annual Lunhaw Awards as “an effective example of what intensively used small packet parks in the city” for green initiatives.

“The seeming massacre of those old trees tugged at my heart and I know that something was grossly wrong, and something has to be done, ” she said.

Braga also stressed that there is no problem if the city government plans to convert and enhance the area into a children’s recreational park as long as it will consider preserving the trees in the area.

“We support our government’s initiative because it is for the people. However, we should also be cautious not to sacrifice our trees especially in this times of left and right calamities happening because of climate change,” Braga said.

Presidential Decree 705 or the Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines prohibits the cutting of trees without permit.

Braga sought the intervention of the council given the number of cut trees that she said may affect the environment.

In an interview with environment committee chair, Councilor Diosdado Mahipus Jr, he told media that he will conduct a committee hearing to investigate incident.

Mahipus said that there should be an investigation into the reasons behind the cutting especially that the activity was done before the holiday.

He also clarified that the agency assigned for the construction and development of Clifford Park should obtain permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

“We will investigate this matter to know the reasons behind why those trees we cut down without prior notice,” Mahipus added.

Mahipus also said he will review the Environment Code of Davao City after the two incidents of tree cutting this year.(

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