In Davao City, dogs to add teeth in fight against drugs

Dec. 05, 2017

The Davao Dog Lovers Community. Photo taken from their Facebook page.

DAVAO CITY, Philippines— A Davao City-based group is offering a novel way to overcome substance addiction.

This, as the Davao Dog Lovers Community (DDLC) announced Monday, December 4, that it will launch a project with the Davao City Anti-Drug Council.

Dubbed “PAWsitivity”, the project is aimed at helping reformists and surrenderees overcome drug addiction.

“This is the first time in the Philippines that dog owners and their dogs will be part of the drug-rehabilitation and prevention program of the government,” said Floyd Bascones, the external vice resident of DDLC.

Bascones said that through “dog companionship”, recipients of the program remain fit and active.

By spending time walking with dogs, an individual releases “happy” hormones which in turn reduces stress levels.

“This is a good vice to the reformists. Instead of going back to their old lifestyle, they can have dogs. Dogs can actually teach you to be responsible, socially fit and socially involved with other people,” Bascones said.

The project focuses on the positive impact of pet companionship to the people and how to be a good companion to the dogs, he added. (

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